We’re living in a day and age where most people have everything they need, which makes gift shopping suuuper difficult. Even freebies at business meetings and conferences get pretty boring. So what can you give people that sets your gift apart from others? The gift of personalisation. This trend is absolutely setting off- there’s just something special about seeing your own name on a product and making it unique. Most are of decent price too. Below are seven of my favourite personalised gifts for the year ahead:

1. Custom Star Maps

The Night Sky creates a permanent, celestial snapshot of one of your fond memories. It’s pretty simple- put in the location, date and a special message of where your memory happened, and the site will create a star chart based on what you input. The stars are an exact reflection of what the night sky looked like on this day- a pretty special gift!

2. All Things Edible

I’m talking Allen’s lolly jars, Milo tins, cookie cakes and even home delivered cheese boxes. Either or can be found online or created in-store. My favourite has to be the personalised Milo tins, coming in at around $10 this makes for an awesome and tasty gift that any Aussie or chocaholic will enjoy.

3. Kikki K Monogramming

Beautiful Swedish charm goes to the next level with personal monogramming on Kikki K purchases. Think travel wallets, diaries, pouches, notepads and more. There’s so many monogramming colours and options to pick from- shades of gold and copper all the way to matte black. Super stylish and a sleek gift to give.

4. Chocolab

I’m slightly obsessed with this one. Chocolab is an amazing dessert company that allows you to create and personalise your own blocks of chocolate. This goes from picking your type of chocolate, adding up to 5 sweet toppings of your choice, and an optional a message or image too! I feel like this would be the perfect choice for a party, corporate or wedding option. Plus, who doesn’t love chocolate?

5. Dessert Boxes

The options here are ENDLESS and delicious. Dessert Boxes bring the tastiness of chocolates and donuts to your doorstep, complete with your own message and custom options, like Nutella syringes or even alcohol. The best part is that there is a dessert box for every budget and occasion- from break ups, to thank you’s, and my personal favourite… the f**k you. Another fantastic option is Looma’s Bakery… and omg, let me tell you, after looking at their website I may have ordered profiteroles and macarons. These guys are AMAZING at sending beautiful and high quality food around Sydney. From mini cakes to whole croquembouches, they have every option covered. Do yourself a favour and check out these companies, and I promise you’ll be drooling.

6. Belvedere Bespoke

Okay, so this is for those of you who either extremely love someone or just have cash to throw around (kudos to you, feel free to send one to my office). Belvedere are offering custom engraving onto their Silver Saber Bespoke bottles. Almost 2 litres of Polish vodka and a base light are included in the price, and I’m sure the bottle will become a great keepsake and memory… that is if you can remember the bottle after drinking it all. Challenge accepted?

7. The Lip Lab

The Lip Lab offer an awesome, personalised service to create your very own perfect shade of lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish or foundation. The makeup artists sit with you one on one, compare colours, mix and match shades in order to find and create your one of a kind colour. At the end of the session, you can add in favourites like a scent or SPF, name your shade and take it home to use! This is a super fun and practical idea that any make-up wearer or lover would enjoy. Vouchers are available for the ultimate gift.

So, instead of re-gifting that old box set of DVDs or offering your clients a super original bag of branded jelly beans, take a moment to think about personalising their gift to create an awesome moment they will definitely enjoy. Sources to these amazing gift ideas are below: