Stellar Leuna

Sydney based artist Stellar Leuna draws inspiration from counter culture, films and music to draw her grunge-esque images of punk rock femme fatales, witches demons and teenage girls co-existing in a world of harmony and feminism. Her work has featured in pieces for Prada, skate bowls for pro competitions and band merchandise across the globe. As her fan base continues to grow, Stellar’s work is becoming recognised across catwalks and music scenes around the world. With undertones of feminism and female empowerment, Stellar is on the up and coming and is a rock n roll force to be reckoned with.

KangHee Kim

As a disciplined photographer, KangHee Kim breaks all of the rules by cropping, cutting and adding mirrors to create imaginative images which capture our minds. When explaining her work, KangHee says “They are mostly created from constructing my own form of surreal escapism by manipulating images produced from mundane encounters”. Known on her popular Instagram account as Tiny Cactus, her images are the perfect mix of dreamy, happy and interesting. Simple edits combined with the skill of composition make her art realistic with a slight twist of magic.

Aykut Aydogu

Aykut Aydogdu is a digital design, illustration, and art creator who has risen to higher accolades through his successful Instagram account. His art series often have themes of romance or futuristic elements which create a storyline across his work. Hailing from the heart of Turkey, it is clear that Aykut references Japanese inspiration throughout his digital illustrations from comic books and anime. It is hard to believe all of his beautiful work is hand drawn through a tablet using Adobe Photoshop.

Dain Yoon

Okay, this one is a bit hard to believe, but trust me when I say that all of Dain Yoon‘s artwork is purely just makeup, and she is the canvas. From South Korea, Dain Yoon spends hours creating her own works of art on herself using makeup, intricate tools and mirrors. It’s extremely mind-boggling and almost hypnotic to look at, however Dain’s makeup skills are creating waves in the Western world, with Ellen Degeneres inviting her to the show to describe her practice.

Rafael Rozendaal

Rafael is a Dutch-born Brazilian who currently resides in New York City. He is responsible for creating images and art which form moving installations complete with light and digital works, forming a creative and spatial experience. He is a visual artist who uses the internet as his canvas, playing on colours and pop culture to articulate his art. Rafael has a huge following. His website alone attracts over 50 million visits per year, and he has displayed his work in some of the biggest galleries and spaces including Times square, Centre Pompidou, Venice Biennial, Valencia Biennial, Casa Franca Brasil Rio, TSCA Gallery Tokyo, Seoul Art Square, NIMk Amsterdam and the Stedelijk Museum.