As the latest addition to the Yakkazoo team, I am the ‘Creative Newbie’, currently in my final year of the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation at UTS.

Product design is my core.


Sketching is my skill.


Guitar is my hobby.


John Mayer is my muse.


Golf is my relaxant.

I love to draw, and that is one of my best skills when it comes to design. Visualising concepts. Here is a rendering I did on one of my golf clubs.

This is Sally, my ’57 Fender Stratocaster. Most definitely my favourite thing.

This sums up golf perfectly in one sentence. There is just something therapeutic about 4 hours with nature hitting a ball around the course.

Coming into Yakkazoo, I did not know what to expect. With an open mind and an eye for creativity I was ready for anything that came my way.


At my creative core, I am a product designer, this could be thought of as a limitation, but I like to flip it and think of it as a differentiator in the way to approach the task at hand.


Everything we interact with every day is a product, from waking up to going to sleep, be it a system, environment or a physical item.


My role as the creative intern has given me the opportunity to work across a range of projects and areas from creative strategy, product and graphic design, as well as retail brand development. The ability to spend time with so many interesting people, learn ‘their story’ and what makes them tick is inspiring. For example, talking to one colleague and learning about when he first came to Australia and pioneered an Indigenous music program in Brisbane, before heading into the design and performance space. He opened my eyes to how some people are able to keep hustling and getting sh*t done in areas they are passionate about.


The aspect I like best about my work at Yakkazoo is the freedom to think, say and do what you feel. Experimenting with methods and concepts is so important and it is due to this that Yakkazoo has and will continue to push the boundaries.


My 3 Biggest takeaways from the experience with Yakkazoo so far.


  1. Do all, and question all.
  2. Don’t moderate your ideas! Try it and scrutinize later.
  3. Starting the day off with an iced latte from Sonoma is always a good idea.


Finally, I love the people. The facilitation of creativity is 90% the vibes, and Yakkazoo has nailed that. Culture within small teams is a fragile dynamic and if you push it, it can be tricky. I believe that in order to get it right, it has to be naturally occurring through good communication and humour along with everyone’s desire to achieve at the same level. And that is what Yakkazoo has.