Yakkaview is your place to find all things inspirational, artistic, cultural and thought-provoking. We thrive off things that make us think and change our point of view.

This is a journal for stories, conversations and case studies, and is part of the Yakkazoo collective- a new creative and design team who come from different backgrounds and places to provide you with an EPIC experience in technology, branding, events and environments.

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Mark Barrett

Mark Barrett

Founder. Initiator. Your Creative Counsel.

I’m steeped in the worlds of art and business, and a catalyst for growing both.

I founded Yakkazoo as your Creative Counsel: “creating at the speed of culture.” Creative services must be nimble, agile and versatile.

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Lisa Taylor

Lisa Taylor

The Creator. Reinventor. Groundbreaker.

I dream, and I do. The role of Creative Director needed reinvention, so I reinvented it.

Through my creative lens you will always find a compelling story, purposeful experience immersion and people always at the heart.

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Donna Lloyd

Donna Lloyd

The Zookeeper. CoLab Director. Wrangler.

I make things happen. Much of what I do remains invisible to our clients…that is, until they see their vision come to life.

It’s a kind of human alchemy where the magic elixir that results, is a project that brings our clients back for more.  

To engage with Yakkazoo, connect with me: donna.lloyd@yakkazoo.com

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Louis Johanson

Louis Johanson

The Visualiser. Finesser. Brand Whisperer.

I’m a young designer with masses of curiosity and a willingness to experiment and create the new.

You’ve got to be endlessly curious in this game. I thrive on working with innovative tech and new media, and I’m always hunting for new inspiration.

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Libby Carter

Libby Carter

The Culture Maven. Passionate Writer. Global Explorer.

I’m a young culture maven with a keen eye for trends, topics and everything in between. I’ve had some of the best experience working across the events and music industries in Sydney, and now I bring my creative and cultural flare to Yakkazoo.

My passion for all things cultural has stemmed from my background in playing music, mainly the piano and drums, and exploring my time in the dramatic arts world.

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