When you’re in high school, most of your life seems to revolve around friends, getting to class and leaving assignments until the last minute. But for some of these Aussie school teens, they’ve put all of their energy and passion into creating their own businesses, and with incredible success. From waking up in the early hours to check emails, to slogging out the hard yards at weekend markets, check out some of the coolest Australian teenagers who are making international headlines with their very own brands.

Connor Cameron

Founder of Stakk Jobs, Connor Cameron, is the high school teenager who’s trying to close the gap between high school leavers and their first jobs. Stakk Jobs is an online website which recruits and pairs students to local jobs. Each student is checked and interviewed (you know, quality control but for people), and once eligible, they are then able to take on job requests from online users. Most commonly, the website is booked for jobs including gardening, cleaning, dog walking, general household work and labour. Bookings are $25 per hour, which is a steal of a price. Stakk takes $5 of the booking fee, with each student making $20 per hour. Still a startup business and run by Connor, the service is currently available to north shore Sydney, but Connor reckons he’ll keep working hard to see where Stakk takes off. It’s a nifty idea which helps students gain real-world experience in working hard whilst earning decent cash on the side.

Ali Kitinas

As a child, Ali grew up watching her mum in business meetings and making entrepreneurial moves. So it was only natural that Ali followed in those footsteps to create her own business at just 11. Now, as an 18 year old, Ali has grown her business to become a fast-selling and popular brand that people turn to. Freedom Scrub creates body scrubs and products that are ethically sourced through direct trade. Not only are the ingredients recycled rather than going to land fill, they are also ethically grown and give back to the rehabilitation of child soldiers and women living in poverty in Rwanda and Asia. For every Freedom Scrub product sold, funds are put towards providing health care and medical services for children living in the streets in places including Kolkata and India. Ali was the youngest ever person to participate in the annual CEO Sleepout event, and even employs her own mum. Having met Richard Branson and juggling school with a modelling career, Ali Kitinas is certainly on the road to success.

Jack Bloomfield

At the very tender age of 16, Jack Bloomfield is one of our youngest and finest entrepreneurs. Balancing his senior year of high school and juggling multiple businesses singlehandedly, Jack is an expert in e-commerce and now spends his spare time mentoring others to improve business, boost finances and take leaps of faith. He’s already created apps for reselling gifts and items, and has developed BlueHealth, an app which connects patients and doctors to health records in one place. Now, his third venture Bloom Ventures, is his main focus which builds businesses, brands and ideas by consulting, advising and using angel investing techniques. Not one to mention figures, Jack makes upwards of $2900 on a good day. It isn’t easy though, as Jack says he wakes up in the early hours of the morning to read, reply to emails and talk with clients, which is much the same as soon as he finishes school for the day. Jack is now a mentor to thousands. Through his extensive hands-on experience and tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, he has developed a strong passion for entrepreneurship and inspiring others through his achievements at such a young age.

Scott Millar

Okay, technically Scott graduated school last year, but I’m still counting him in this list simply because BOP Industries is absolutely cool. As an 18 year old who was selling products on the side of studying from the age of 14, Scott Millar created BOP Industries- a Brisbane based technology and education startup working to develop new technologies and educate others. Currently, BOP specialises in selling and renting holographic materials which can be used for single iPhones, or big models which can be hosted inside office spaces. Upon their first week of trading, BOP Industries sold thousands of holograph models for a corporate event. Now, Scott aims to help mentor other young people with their passions, and even hosts STEM and educational workshops for young audiences to discover alternate career paths.

Bella Tipping


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