This isn’t just a game-changer, it’s a world-changer!

Marketers sometimes feel like a pinball-in-a-machine as they’re bounced between programmatic advertising, outdoor, traditional media, experiential, social and more.

Reporting to “I want it now” types, they’re pressured to opt for the quick fix rather than play the longer game that gives deeper, lasting results.

But a trend is emerging that delivers brand strength and awareness beyond today, and establishes a brand’s power and image like nothing else.

It’s called Brand Urbanism.

Brand Urbanism is a brilliant solution for our cities of the future. It’s a collaboration between a brand and a city, where the brand funds or co-funds a project that enhances the urban landscape, in exchange for visibility and recognition.

That visibility isn’t just billboards, signs or shouty screens – it may be naming, and a story presence that complements the project’s style. And it’s on-brand and aligns with a brand’s values.


It’s different from “urban hacks” and pop-up activations, because it’s more permanent, is purposeful and is a positive contribution to the community.

Nike recently created a running track on a vacant lot in a Manila district, shaped like their latest running shoe and included the latest technology with Apps to amp-up the spirit of competition.

The City of London partnered with Emirates on a cable-car crossing the Thames, for a 10-year arrangement where Emirates has naming rights, commuters and tourists associate stylish travel from A to B with the Emirates brand.

Streetwear brand Pigalle and NIKElab’s collaboration with local authorities in Rue Duperré in Paris resulted in this amazing basketball court, injecting life and promise into the urban environment.


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