New York is well known for its different characters you come across in the street- whether it’s the “HEY, I’M WALKIN’ HERE” kinda guy, or the simple guitar player on the footpath, something is always happening in the city. But this time, Too Many Zooz are taking the New York busking scene to the next level.

Letting go of traditional static performances, Too Many Zooz are a brass and drum trio who raid the underground subway systems to perform pop up and one off performances for unsuspecting travellers.

The music itself is completely disjunct yet somehow meshes together fabulously. The baritone saxophone is turned upside-down when it becomes more than just regular brass instrument. It acts as an almost ‘techno’ sounding vessel, whilst the trumpet provides a melodic and funky accompaniment. And the percussion, of course, takes on its own shape with different instruments melded together as one. It’s unique and musically challenging.

Too Many Zooz describe their style as ‘Brasshouse’, a culmination of the different styles and musical upbringings they were raised with. It’s a new genre blending the lines between brass, dance music and dance moves, and certainly challenges the typical busking model.

The guys take their musical shows to the next level by hopping off and on random subway systems to provide the ultimate one-off experience for lucky train riders. The musical journey is then documented and uploaded to social channels, that have fans from all over the world wishing they were travelling the New York underground system.

It’s a unique, new and totally different genre to play with, which is what makes Too Many Zooz so successful. People are intrigued and are left wanting to hear more. And passengers actually put down their phones and listen to the music?! Ground-breaking, really.

If you’re wondering if these guys make money off what they do, the answer is a big fat YES. Not only are the subway tips extremely generous, they are now getting booked worldwide to perform their unique style all around the world. So here’s to pushing the boundaries, experimenting and putting your creative foot forward. Too Many Zooz are just too good.