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Cool Innovation Labs Around The Globe

Innovation labs have fast become a growing occurrence across the world. From big corps to small business, these creative hubs are often the birthplace of great ideas, brilliant campaigns and emerging technology. But what makes a good innovation lab? Check out some of the coolest innovation lab inspiration from across the globe as we showcase the best, most beautiful examples.

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Yakkaview Reviews: UNTIL by Nick Cave

It’s quite hard to put into words the phenomenal impact Nick Cave’s artwork UNTIL carries. Sheer scale, beauty, colour and and quirk amalgamate to create a colossal canopy of meaning. But it’s until you look closer that you begin to immerse yourself in the story behind the installation.

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When Tech Meets Tourism: The Future of Holidaying

By 2030, it’s expected that holidayers will encounter zero human beings when checking into a hotel. It’s also expected that majority of processes will be digitalised- from check in to room service and all the in between, human employees will slowly be eradicated from the future of the tourism industry. Each year, we experience crazy advancements in technology and societal norms. So, what can we envision the future of holidaying to look like?

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For The Travel Crazed Office Worker

As humans, we’re always dreaming of our next adventure on the horizon. We’re naturally curious creatures, so it makes sense that our hearts and minds often ponder over the pond to somewhere distant- a place that radiates beauty, whispers freedom and offers a journey. Sometimes all we need are a few pictures to brighten up our day or spark that imaginative bug that tells you to book those flights.

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The Ultimate In Team Bonding And Breaking Exercises

Whether you work in a tight-knit small agency or are a multi-national firm, one thing is the same across all workforces: you want your employees to be the best. To challenge your workforce or bring your colleagues together, it’s important to pick the right team-bonding and building exercises to suit your personalities and industry. Here’s my list of top 5 team building or breaking (literally) exercises to get blood pumping and brains ticking.

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