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Recognising World AIDS Day On Its 30th Anniversary

Today is the first day of December. It’s also a day where we stop to recognise World AIDS Day. HIV is still a very real and present disease in today’s world, especially within Australia. It’s hard to remember that each year hundreds of Australians are still diagnosed with the disease. Read about how you can help celebrate World AIDS Day this year.

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When Tech Meets Tourism: The Future of Holidaying

By 2030, it’s expected that holidayers will encounter zero human beings when checking into a hotel. It’s also expected that majority of processes will be digitalised- from check in to room service and all the in between, human employees will slowly be eradicated from the future of the tourism industry. Each year, we experience crazy advancements in technology and societal norms. So, what can we envision the future of holidaying to look like?

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