Is crazy the new cool? Now more than ever, celebrities are going to extreme lengths to make a name for themselves. But are they really just damaging their credibility and career?

Remember that OMG moment when Madonna and Britney kissed during the MTV VMA’s in 2003? This was a ‘never-before-seen’ spectacle that left the crowd shocked, MTV officials applauding, and home audience stunned. Fast forward another 14 years and here we are. The Kardashians rule the world and Paris Hilton is now a nobody (who would have thought that in 2003…)

We live in a society where you can become famous overnight. Kim K is the classic example (create a sex tape, watch it go viral overnight, trademark your name and the rest is history). If you’re an attractive, fit, 20-ish female, you too can become a celebrity through Instagram and rake in the cash through sponsors and fans.

But with everyone trying to become a someone, people are going to more extreme lengths to get noticed and have an extra ‘one-up’ on their rivals/competitors.


Let’s throw it back to the MTV VMA’s in 2013. (Side-note, this does not feel like it was four years ago.…) Miley Cyrus comes on stage in a risqué beige onesie, twerks, questionably uses a foam finger and grinds on grotesque co-star Robin Thicke.

Cons: she looked ridiculous, the audience looked disturbed, and people questioned her sanity.

Pros: in seconds she trended #1 online, had 306,000+ tweets PER MINUTE during her performance, and dropped her new single ‘Wrecking Ball’ straight after the performance had concluded.

And as a result, crazy was indeed the new cool, as Miley released her new album ‘Bangerz’ shortly after the VMAs. The album sold over four million copies, and Miley went on a hugely successful tour as the show grossed over $69 million with fans and punters waiting to see her wild and unusual performances live.

Here’s another example. Let’s take a look at Katy Perry. She has always been a little ‘out there’ (only 3/10 on the Gaga scale) but has always played it pretty cool for her tween audience. record scratch. But as of late, KP has been ruffling a few feathers with her weird new songs and even weirder video clips.

Case in example: Bon Appetite.

The video has strong cannibalistic references, a far cry from her ‘Teenage Dream’ innocence. Katy has even gone as far as Miley to cut her hair and don scandalous outfits.

Even though the video has millions of views, 1/4 of these views rated the video a ‘thumbs down’. Fans online have been quick to comments things like:

We’ve seen it all before, Nicki Minaj with Anaconda, Justin Bieber transitioning into an adult (well, at least he’s trying), and Christina Aguilera releasing her song ‘Dirrty’.

But maybe times are changing. Maybe 2013 Miley has made an ultimate game-changing move: 2017- the year of the norm.

After a few wild and wicked years, Miley had taken time off her crazy antics to focus on herself. Re-kindling her love with renewed fiancé Liam Hemsworth, adopting animals and seeking solace in yoga, Miley jumped back on the bandwagon and released a new single ‘Malibu’.

The starlet looks natural and happy in the video clip, and there are no wild gimmicks that go with it. Just Miley singing, dancing and laughing happily.

And it works! Fans are loving it, older generations are digging it and the radio adores it. Miley’s new ‘natural’ and ‘non-crazy’ approach is doing amazingly well, and this is reflecting in her huge media attention, radio plays and growing fan base.

So maybe keeping your cool IS the new cool. People want someone they can relate to. Sure, dresses made out of meat may turn a few heads, but it’s the real and authentic side of celebrities that the people want.