Sydney and the greater Western Sydney region has been promised some fun, exciting and interesting developments over the years. Between budgets being blown out and timelines taking longer than expected, sometimes it can be hard to remember and get excited about the different things happening around town. But fear not, as we’ve compiled a list of the best cultural developments that are set to open this year!

UTS Central

Due mid-2019

Located next to the UTS Tower and opposite Central Park in the bustling suburb of Broadway, UTS Central is an incredible 17-storey building which is glass-encased and show stopping. Said to redefine the southern gateway to Sydney’s CBD, the building is due to be complete in the middle of this year, further adding to the architectural diversity of the UTS campus, alongside other iconic builds including the Frank Gehry-designed Dr Chau Chak Wing Building. UTS Central will feature a new library, scholarly reading room, student study spaces and a public accessible food court which will open onto the Alumni Green garden. The upper floors of the new building will be able to soak in spectacular views across the campus and wider city. New technology including the Hive Super Lab and three high-tech collaborative theatres will open up new learning opportunities for the Faculty of Engineering and IT. Once completed, UTS Central will be one of the best university facilities available to students in the Sydney area.

Sydney Zoo

Due early 2019

Sydney Zoo is set to be one of Western Sydney’s biggest attractions. It’s been constructed using cutting edge concepts in animal display technology and user experience to redefine how audiences interact with zoo animals, creating an immersive and engaging environment compared to a traditional zoo. The zoo will exhibit a wide array of popular animal species, including African favourites like lions, zebras, cheetahs and meerkats, as well as native Australian species. Sydney Zoo will be education and conservation oriented, providing an important service to the people of Western Sydney. By using modern exhibit design and display, advanced behavioural enrichment methods, technology, water features and elevated boardwalks, Sydney Zoo will offer the highest standards of animal welfare whilst offering a safari-like experience for visitors. Forget cages and small exhibitions, due early this year you can expect to walk amongst the animals in open plains, which will redefine the way we interact with zoos.

Western Sydney Stadium

Due mid-2019

Western Sydney Stadium, or you may soon know it as Bankwest Stadium, is the government’s brand new sporting development to take up residency in Parramatta. A $360 million project, Western Sydney Stadium will be the premium rectangular sporting ground for premier teams and world class tournaments. The 30,000 seat stadium will bring audiences closer to the action than ever before with the formation of seats and rectangular pitch allowing incredible views no matter where you sit. Seating will be undercover, and the venue will be host to high quality food and beverage outlets, as well as five levels of premium, corporate and function spaces. Big screens, advanced technology including wifi and broadcast facilities will also be available inside the stadium which is set to open sooner than we think! Reports suggest the stadium will be ready to greet guests and sporting competition by mid-2019. With public transport located close by and a light rail project which will be finished in the coming years, Parramatta and the people of Western Sydney will experience a seamless and exciting development which will improve the way they interact and enjoy major events and festivals for the decades ahead.


Due end of 2019

The first ever surf park development to be brought to Australia, URBNSURF is a unique, world class, urban surfing environment which ‘brings the beach to your backyard’. The surf park features revolutionary, man-made, surf lagoons which use wave generating technology to create swells from 0.6 metres to 2 metres. The wave lagoons deliver high quality, authentic surf waves and create ideal conditions for surfing and other water sports all year round. The development in Sydney will be at Sydney Olympic Park, a beneficial location for those in Western Sydney who don’t have quick access to a beach, pool or water body. The team at URBNSURF are using sustainable technology and water recapturing methods to ensure their processes remain environmentally friendly and sustainable. It’s a safe and accessible surfing ground for the thousands of surfers and swimmers in Sydney who take to the water each year, with lifeguards and other safety methods put in place to minimise the risk of harm and maximise the opportunity to have fun.

Western Sydney Performing Arts Centre

Due late 2019

Distinctive and dynamic, the $100 million Western Sydney Performing Arts Centre will become a cultural landmark and theatrical home for lovers of great musicals, drama, dance, live concerts and entertainment in Greater Western Sydney and beyond. Featuring sleek curved lines and awe-inspiring architecture, the centre will attract headline acts and major performing arts events from around the world. The theatre will feature 2000 seats which are fully retractable and capable of easily transforming the space from a theatre to a concert or banquet setting. The building will also play host to equally spectacular moments of artistry, with spaces available for private events or audiences within the centre’s mezzanine or outdoor grounds. The Performing Arts Centre precinct is home to the Novotel Sydney West HQ, the Olympic standard Sydney Gymnastic and Aquatic Centre, the iconic Rooty Hill RSL, Sydney West Sports Medicine, One 55 Fitness, Zone Bowling and four distinct dining options, creating a hub of activity and culture in the heart of the west.