In today’s world of Instagram posts and Facebook shares, food trends seem to be taking a sweep on the content you’re seeing. Whether it’s outlandish milkshakes or cute sushi rolls, food trends play an important role in today’s culture. People seem to love a good fad and jump on the bandwagon to try the most ridiculous of meals.

We delve deep into the world of trending foods to take a look on the top five fads which you’d better try in order to stay up to date with what’s hot!

1. Unicorn Food

Okay, the name itself sounds a bit silly. But when you think of unicorns, a series of rainbows, glitter and magic pop into mind- and this is what cafe’s around the world have tried to capture. Introducing unicorn foods, a colourful concoction of flavours, aesthetics and shapes which try to replicate the ‘unicorn’ look and feel. Trending unicorn food items seem to be smoothie bowls, cakes and breakfast food. Even global giant Starbucks jumped on the bandwagon to create a unicorn drink! Would you be game enough to take your tastebuds on this wild adventure?

2. Cookie Cakes

Since the dawn of the Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book (a staple in every Aussie household), cake trends have been chopping and changing the way we celebrate milestones. From train cales to Barbie doll dresses, we sure have consumed some crazy versions of the dessert. This time, cookie cakes seem to be sweeping our world by storm. The ‘cake’ isn’t actually a cake, it’s more so layers of biscuit or cookie which are then topped decadently with icing, flowers and decorations. Cookie cakes are most popular when created in the shape of a letter or number for the occasion you’re celebrating. I wouldn’t be opposed to one of these making an appearance on my birthday!

3. Sushi Anything

Sushi trends keep popping up all over Instagram. People like to play with re-inventing the classics… but I’m not too sure how I feel about this one. Sushi restaurants around the world are changing their perceptions on the favourite roll that everyone loves to consume. This time, sushi is being shaped and transformed into ‘other foods’, like pizza, burritos, burgers and donuts. This fad sees people taking the ultimate Instagram picture showing how they interact with the Japanese delicacy.

4. Glitter Coffee

Yes, I’m sorry to report that this is an actual trend and I really don’t know why. Believe it or not, this trend actually started in India! What turned out to be a stunt to get customers into a Mumbai cafe has turned into yet another trend. Baristas are adding edible glitter into your everyday cappuccino or latte. The glitter trend can only work with a milkier, frothy coffee, so if you’re into a long black you’ll be missing out on this one. I get a little weirded out thinking about the mouthfeel of drinking one of these coffees. Paris Hilton would be proud of this achievement, though.

5. Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is the latest in ‘detox’ and aesthetic trends. So, what even is activated charcoal you may ask? Essentially, the charcoal is created from a carbon rich material (like wood), which is heated at an extremely high temperature to create the charcoal itself. It’s then oxidised, which is the process known as ‘activating’. It’s a fancy version of your basic charcoal from the campfire, basically. Chefs around the world have jumped on the bandwagon to utilise the trending ingredient across their menus. It’s seen as health benefit to some, an interesting colour to others, and a fad to most. Activated charcoal can be taken in it’s own form as a tablet, or today can be consumed in the likes of burgers, ice creams, pastas and sweets like waffles. After all, black is always in fashion.