Content provided by Amé Delves.

 What were you doing this time last year?

Even though I was living in the US last year, I found myself working across many interesting events around the world.   Including Sydney and Melbourne for Telstra, the bustling city of Shanghai for Tourism Australia and MARTEL XO (where we were rehearsing for a tour of China). I also travelled to Hong Kong to work on the Macao Fashion Week.

What do you miss?

I really don’t miss much to be honest. I feel like I flow quite well through life’s twists and turns. I absolutely love collaborating with dancers and other creatives both here in Australia and around the world, but I can already feel the tides are shifting and am starting to work on some great proposals for next year! Very exciting to be paddling back out on the artistic waves again.

September and October, 2019

I always trust that even though I may be going through some rough seas, I’ll always find my shore.

What are you doing that’s different from last year?

Firstly, I have learned to surrender the way I thought my life would be. My life’s plan looks quite different to what I had scripted. Funny that?! After spending the last few years living in the United States and even organising to run my business from there at great expense, time and energy, all of that has disappeared and I am permanently back in Australia. So that is very different from last year. I am loving being back and re-discovering what else I am interested in pursuing, using my skills to create a whole series of initiatives that bring me huge joy and inner happiness.

What innovations have you, your team, your company or even your friends and family developed to help adapt to these times?

I’ve always been very passionate about helping other humans, particularly young people so over the last 6 months I have used this time to focus on forming a company “Under One Sun” which is a series of creative initiatives, from myself and Antoinette Sampson, that are designed and built to bring more inspiration and Hope to the World. Through storytelling, theatrical installations, animation, dance/movement education, workshops and music together with Mindfulness and heart wisdom, we are finding creative initiatives and solutions to bring real hope and joy back to all of our lives.

What has been positive for you over this time that you will take into future projects; ways of working and thinking?

Learning to be still, to not be rushing from job to job, flying all over the world and working crazy hours to get the event up. I have learnt to create my own work and through doing so I am understanding more about my life’s purpose. I have discovered that I have huge resilience, inner strength and that joy comes to me in small things: the sun, the botanic gardens, hiking with my family, my dear friends, my good health, looking after myself and using my creativity to inspire and help create a better world through my love and passion for the arts. As Steve Jobs says “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.