Content provided by Ziggy Ziegler.

 What were you doing this time last year?

Last year this time we were all on events, we were busy travelling the world and physically going to places and building massive things from here to Asia to America to Europe. I was all over the place.

What innovations have you, your team, your company or even your friends and family developed to help adapt to these times?

What are you doing that’s different from last year?

It feels like everything is different this year.

I communicate with you in a different way but you’re the same person and I’m the same person, so our creativity is still fantastic.

What do you miss?

It’s not for us to look back at what was and what we had, but look forward to where we are going.

What has been positive for you over this time that you will take into future projects; ways of working and thinking?

We are busy and alive, but we are communicating in a different way and finding any way we can to revive our industry and bring back the joy that we used to bring to everyone else.

Part of that joy is the fact we can use it to adapt to any situation.