Stop everything you’re doing right now and LISTEN UP FOLKS BECAUSE I HAVE SOME VERY IMPORTANT NEWS. So very important that I must use capital letters to emphasise this importance. Understood?

I feel like I have been living under a rock, but I can’t believe it took me so long to find Honey (disclosure: this is not a sponsored post I’m just really excited about my discovery).

Honey is a browser extension that searches the web for all of the best discount codes and offers relevant to your online shopping destination of choice. Honey has the ability to collect, stack and apply coupon codes automatically to your cart, potentially saving you up to hundreds of dollars per transaction. So basically to sum it all up, you simply download the app, find your favourite online shop and let Honey do the work for you and save some $$$.

It’s a fast-growing community which prides itself on the classic saying “sharing is caring”. With this in mind, users of Honey are able to share discount codes they stumble across, allowing the entire community to browse and use the codes other members have supplied. And in return, as a reward for sharing, you will receive Honey points called ‘gold’, which can be used to give you an even greater discount on your future shopping needs. Each point is worth 1 US dollar.

So does it work? I (painfully… not) tested out the browser extension to see if, and how much, money can be saved across popular shopping destinations online.

The Results:

  1. General Pants Co. I quickly went online and picked out some super cute dresses and shorts. Did Honey pull through with a discount code? Unfortunately, no. The extension couldn’t find any discount codes for this site.
  2. ASOS. I think this was a good online store to check out since it’s a pretty universal name, and I had high hopes that people may have shared coupon codes for this site. So did we have any luck this time? Aaaand nope… totally bummed, no discount codes were found. BUT I STILL HOLD ONTO THAT HOPE.
  3. Saboskirt. I love this store but can never afford anything (a very relatable struggle). In my cart I decided to click on a cute top with some earrings. And guess what people, MIRACLES HAPPEN! Honey worked and saved me $12.90 AUD!! Winning!
  4. The Iconic. I popped some boots and a cool watch into my cart, and had my fingers crossed that I could rely on Honey. *drumroll*… Success!!! I saved $20 through the click of a button, how good is that?! Thank you very much.

Pro tip- make sure you hit the Honey button once you can see the promo code box in your checkout, otherwise it won’t be able to work its magic!

So, in conclusion the Honey browser extension can work its magic to save you a whole handful of cash when it comes to online shopping. Of course, as it’s still a new idea with a growing community, majority of discounts are found across American sites, however not all sites have working coupon codes… it’s really up to the growing database of users to explore and expand Honey’s offerings. But I guess this is all the more reason to join the tribe and spread the word. After all, wouldn’t the world be a better place with extra cash back in our pockets and shiny new shoes on our feet?

Images courtesy of Toa Heftiba and Style Du Monde