Growing up doesn’t mean you have to lose all the perks of childhood fun after all. The newest trend in town involves adults doing kiddy things and having just as much fun as they would if they were at an 11th birthday party.

Merging the lines between children’s entertainment with the benefits of being an adult seems to be hitting the jackpot in town. And now, big kids at heart can re-live some of the highlights of their younger years in an adult-turned atmosphere.

Some of the most popular and trendiest places in Sydney have jumped on board with this idea, and as a result are capturing the hearts and wallets of those who want to have a fun night out.

Holey Moley is the newest big kid club to open up in the trendy suburb of Newtown. What once was the famous live music venue of Newtown Social Club, the entertainment chain Holey Moley purchased the building and revamped the inside décor to reflect a modern day take on the classic game of putt putt. Each hole has a fun and unique design, some reflecting the pop-culture trends of today, including a ‘Game of Thrones’ iron throne, The Simpson’s iconic lounge, and other crazy holes that involve standing on pool tables or using special contraption systems to hoist your golf ball from one end to another.

The biggest winner with Holey Moley is that it’s also a fully serviced and licensed bar- yep, that’s right, cocktails, beer and whine whilst playing a kiddy classic. That’s why the crowds keep pouring in! It’s the ideal mix of alcohol and fun activities that make this a hit with Sydneysiders. Kids are of course welcome too, however are not allowed into the venue after 5pm.

Another awesome example of old school fun meeting the contemporary world is The Standard Bowl in Darlinghurst.

This joint mixes the classic game of ten pin bowling and arcade games like pinball machines and throws this in amongst a lively bar and dance floor. The Americanised theme makes the ideal setting for a party, and The Standard Bowl always book live entertainment to keep those dancing feet moving. Again, it’s the perfect combination of adult favourites (bar, alcohol, live music) paired with fun classics.

So why are these venues fairing so well? Well, like any other Saturday night out, the addition of alcohol makes everything a little bit happier. But the real reason why people are so interested in these throwback Thursday medley clubs is because they offer an element of nostalgia- a reminiscent and fun feeling that crowds are willing to pay for. They’re after a fun environment with a group experience, and what better way to remember your childhood bliss than to surround yourself with good friends, beverage in hand, laughing over your rusty game skills.