Meet Manuela Strano, our new 2D Designer at Yakkazoo HQ.

Steeped in the worlds of art and design, Manny brings her unique eye to the team to create, construct and play.

I started out with a degree in Industrial Design and have worked in product design, textiles, graphics and branding. I’ve printed letterpress, blown glass and spent time in remote indigenous communities running art and craft workshops. I’ve lived in Italy and travelled extensively, it’s one of my favourite ways to broaden my understanding of the world and find new inspiration.

Alongside commercial design work I’m also an artist. I interweave elements of abstract structure, design and pattern, both organic and geometric, to create work that floats somewhere between the natural world and an imagined realm. Drawing inspiration from rock formations, astronomy, space and patterns found in nature, I use a mix of materials (watercolour, gouache, pencil and pen) to create texture, detail and subtle movement. I love getting away from the computer in my downtime, making with my hands and experimenting with new materials, all which feeds back into my design work.

All these experiences have lead me to where I am today, I’m excited to bring my visual design skills into the mix of Yakkazoo’s diverse talents, creating great experiences through branding, immersive environments and new technologies. Yakkazoo facilitates an open culture where unique ideas and experimentation are encouraged, I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

I’m a thinker and maker who enjoys translating ideas and stories through the craft of design and art. Constantly learning new skills and integrating diverse disciplines to solve design problems is what I thrive on. I’m eager to sink my teeth into what’s install for me here.


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