Often career changes involve leaving one job for another, but in the case of Dinara Kasko, her two passions have become one tasty and amazing conjoined project.

Dinara’s insane pastry designs are an excellent nod to her training and work in architecture. Originally her career of choice, Dinara loved playing around with shapes and designs to create beautiful structures for the man-made world, and spent hours visualising 3D creations with computer technology.

Baking on the weekends usually involved creating simple dishes like pies and cakes, but Dinara soon found herself enjoying the creation of desserts a growing passion, and decided to pursue studies in patisserie to further her culinary skills.

Now, as a pastry chef, she wanted to set herself apart from her industry, and what better way to change the face of the cake world than to combine architecture, design and 3D modelling with the art of constructing edible creations.

Dinara used her skills in 3D modelling to create silicone moulds in order to make weird and wonderful structures to bake cakes in. The moulds can be designed to Dinara’s specific and geometric ideas, and after being printed with state of the art 3D printing machines, the moulds are flexible enough to be moved and baked in order to craft extraordinary sweet desserts.

Her designs heavily feature the use of geometric shapes and lines, and cakes are coated with shiny layers of icing to create an almost unnatural look using spray guns. However, hidden inside these cakes are more intricate layers of icing and fillings- skills learnt from her patisserie training and hours spent in the kitchen.

Dinara’s Instagram following has been heavily boosted due to her crazy and cool creations, and she has even started selling her moulds online to patisserie fans and chefs alike. She has also started cooking classes and has been touring internationally to bring her ground-breaking edible designs to all corners of the globe.

Dinara Kasko is a stellar example of how combining ideas, technology and art can turn into a profitable and popular creation. Her edible artworks highlight how merging technologies and skills can heighten the experience of enjoying life’s simple pleasures. So maybe that extra slice of cake won’t hurt after all…