As a young child, I remember listening to my parents talking about taxes, finance and work. Those three things creeped me out because they were way too ‘adultish’, and still to this very day my thoughts remain the same. So let me tell you this – the thought of work experience sounded like hell.

On my first day of work experience, I was sent off to photograph the local neighbourhood of Waterloo and discover the surrounding suburbs and given the brief “take a walk in my shoes”, and “urban beauty found in the unexpected and the everyday”. The idea of exploring sounded like heaven to me, and throughout the whole week and especially on this project, the Yakkazoo team gave me so much freedom that I am not usually given as a school student. As a result it enabled me to feel like I was given that independence, which was awesome! Freedom was a reoccurring theme while being at Yakkazoo, as I was never baby-fed or felt like a minor. My conclusion was that this stemmed from their values of everyone being a team member- even the work experience girl is part of the team!

As I wandered the streets of Waterloo, Redfern and Surry Hills, I soon managed to accumulate enough photos to create my perspective around the brief. All my photographs are black and white in an attempt to accentuate the simplicity and unavoidable nature of ‘the everyday’, and through my photographs of buildings and different infrastructures, I hoped to bring meaning and a presence into the things that are usually forgotten, or have just lost their meaning. I tried to create the idea that although many buildings seem to be exactly the same, each one is different and has a story to tell. Yet in a completely paradoxical method, I have contrasted those photos with the photos of public individuals in the everyday, in an attempt to portray that although no two people are the same, many people have things in common.



Just by telling myself to explore the hidden beauty in society really changed the way I looked at the world. I recommend giving it a go sometime when you have nothing to do one day.

For the past 5 days during my work experience, the feeling of dread and hatred towards ‘work’ was completely lost and never reached my surface… and I wondered why this was? Throughout this whole week, being at Yakkazoo never once felt like doing work. Watching everyone in office made me realise the team are extremely passionate about the work they create.


In the list of Yakkazoo’s company values, they clearly stated “We are a team”, and not once had that value been challenged. To me, even being in the office for less than the week I began to feel like a team member, and I never thought that would happen.


I was lucky enough to go on a site visit and sit in on a meeting related to an upcoming Yakkazoo experience at Carriageworks. Sitting in on the meeting was a massive eye-opener to me as I really got to see the back-hand of how a major project is organised and how much effort has to go into it, which is pretty awesome. Along my week I also attended “The Street: design for people” at the Powerhouse Museum, was shown 3D computer programs with mind-blowing precision, and had access to a major brand experience blueprint. These were just some resources given to me by the Yakkazoo team to help me understand their world.

As I reach the end of this post, there is just one thing I want to say, and that is I am so grateful to have spent my work experience week with Yakkazoo. Having to look after a teenager seems like a tough job, but for the whole week I have been treated just like everyone else with so much respect, and for that, I am extremely grateful. So, I want to thank everyone in the Yakkazoo team including the wonderful Poppy, Coco and Pip for making this a memorable and unforgettable experience.

From, Lucia Mavris.