If your client’s in China, your music director’s in Cambodia, your choreographer in Florida and your core team’s in Sydney, that’s when you feel the true power of strong relationships!

Relationships make your event.  When relationships become collaborations, they’re more powerful than money, status, time and geography combined.

Enter Yakkazoo… quick to form a cohesive team of professionals from its Co-Lab to carefully develop, manage and deliver the creative content for Ateco’s LDV Generation Global Launch event at ICC on 25 September 2017.

Delivering artist-driven creative content with a unique challenge; deliver content that would inspire and resonate with a local audience (and our local client) as well as excite and affirm Chinese executives that their decision to invest in Australia was sound and will be successful.

The largest piece of the creative delivery was three separate pieces of screen content totalling over three hours of performance and presentation. This included large-scale gala video projection (43m x 6m), 3D projection onto a 3.5m sphere for an immersive experience and kinesis motor operated moving screens to create a dramatic and energising product reveal.

A strong narrative was needed to connect all creative elements throughout the evening. Yakkazoo collaborated with Alana Conway (harpist), Hannah Oblikov and Luxe Cello and Music Director Chad Davis to create a live soundtrack for the evening. This also incorporated two original music compositions by Oliver Cameron. The compositions fused traditional Chinese instruments, like the erhu, with contemporary and uplifting electronic scores. This provided a rich starting point for Choreographer Ame Delves who connected the projections, narrative and music with six contemporary dancers and two aerialists on straps.

Behind the scenes a graphic designer, animators, music director, script writer, lighting designer, keynote developer, two voice-over artists, wardrobe stylist, make-up artist and a content producer, associate producer and an executive creative director to ensure all elements were carefully delivered as promised.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive from guests. They freely admitted that they attend numerous car events annually and this event was by far the most creative and exciting. The local client and the visiting Chinese delegation were delighted with the bespoke creative and its careful execution.

The point of difference is… Yakkazoo isn’t a creative agency. It’s a trusted creative counsel.
A reliable partner. A passionate collaborator connecting likeminded committed artists, technologists, innovators, thinkers and producers to create truly memorable, engaging and bespoke creative projects.