Imagine if we utilised slides more often than not…

I know it sounds silly, but you can’t deny that going down the slippery dip as a kid was the best part of your playground experience.

But really do imagine if slides were utilised more often than not. I recently went on a trip to Brisbane and the highlight of my time was spent at Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art. The gorgeous opened planned ceilings allowed for an epic installation to be placed in the gallery’s main atrium.

Carsten Höller’s Left/Right Slide is a stunning example of how a static installation can become a dynamic and exciting part of a building. The meaning behind the artwork is deeper than the eye first meets, and focuses on the two paths people can choose- the left or right slide. Now, when I think about it, I chose the right slide twice for some unknown reason…why did I choose this slide instead of the left?

I have to admit, I had a lottttt of fun doing this. I went straight back to being a kid, and my inner childhood dreams came true when I saw that the slide was metres high. The audience spanned from the young and old, and occasionally you’d hear the odd squeal when someone was going down the slide.

So this got me thinking, why aren’t slides utilised more often in buildings? When you think about it, it’s a much faster way than taking the elevator down 4 floors (plus it’s a whole lot more fun, too).

A great example of a slide being utilised in architecture and design is at the Technical University of Munich. Students can ride the 4 story high slide down to the ground floor, and they have two to choose from! In a place where study can be stressful and assignments might be getting you down, this seems a fantastic idea to put a smile on the face of university-goers.

The people of the Netherlands also seem to have the right idea. In amongst a gloomy and grey railway station, a slide was installed to give commuters a little jolt of happiness in their daily travels.

Could you imagine this idea being used in some of our awesome places and spaces? Maybe a city building, like a library, or instead of taking the stairs maybe a bank could install a slide into their very crisp and clean building. (Seriously, imagine bankers in suits going down a slide = instant happiness).

Food for thought… adding a little ray of fun into the city could go a long way. The possibilities are endless.