Author: Oliver James – Head of Client Engagement, Yakkazoo

One year on, some experiences have returned, in some countries, however the industry will never be the same.

But connections were still wanted by both the brands and their audiences. Communication had to continue and was even more necessary as brands sought to inform customers of their ‘new normal’ and understand how their audiences were adapting and their needs changing. And quite quickly, another C-word was on everyone’s lips; Content.

Content had always been at the heart of experiences. However, the nature of the experience marketing industry was that many had evolved from a production and logistics heritage – understandable when you consider the complexity of their work. But many remained relatively unskilled in content creation, and in particular brand and communication strategy, so were unable to advise their clients on why, where and how they should connect with their audiences.

Covid-19. There is a trending C-word to start with. One year ago, all our lives changed dramatically. For those who create brand experiences the change was profound, and for many, devastating. Live, face-to-face activities disappeared literally overnight.

Festivals, gone. Exhibitions, gone. Conferences, gone. Customer activations, gone. Launches, user groups, in-house training, industry awards nights. All gone, without any certainty of return.

The scramble to reset and reconnect with customers and prospects, now locked down at home, was extraordinary to watch. Few brands were ready for this. Even fewer knew immediately how they could maintain a productive level of connectivity to their audiences. And their agencies were left adrift in a sea of uncertainty, lashed by a storm of lost projects, redundant contracts and slashed budgets.

Meanwhile, those working in brand and communication strategy, often less production focused, struggled to adapt, recommend and work in the channels that could assist their clients. The brands that understood this looked for ideas, inspiration and advice from whoever was willing to assist.

At Yakkazoo, the time was also one of great change. Fortunately, the skillsets we had were strengthened and were able to bridge the gap, drawing on the know-how from our sister agencies Revolution360 and Frontier Media, we were able to step in and help our clients find their voice, and their forum, to engage with their audiences. This is because first and foremost, we are about content creation.

For us content is what connects us. It is how we communicate and taking on infinite, sensorial forms based on the subject matter, purpose, audience and the moment in time it is relevant and required.

By being able to analyse the needs, identify the storylines, shape the content and deliver it, we managed to help many clients move into their new normal. Content creation is the ‘C’ in EPIC* and it became an exponential focus with increased demand from our clients.

At Yakkazoo the other defining C-word is connection, every experience is always about connecting. Due to our unique, integrated, architecture we understand a wide range of channels and mediums through our specialists, who are best in class creators of virtual, physical, digital and social landscapes. We get connecting. We get content. We get channel. We get communication. We get clients.

So Covid-19 may have removed many of the tactics our clients relied on to connect, but it did not take away that need. And because we have always aimed to be tactic-agnostic – not relying on any particular tactics but aiming to find the ones that would best meet our client’s needs – we simply continued doing what we had done before; finding the best available tactics to bring the content we created, to our client’s audiences.

We are Yakkazoo.

We do Communications Strategy, Brand Development, Campaigns, Graphic Design, Digital Design, Copywriting, Motion Graphics, large format screen content and architectural project mapping.

We create content. We connect. So, let’s connect.

To learn more about how we are connecting with creative content, email me!