Ever wondered what the most viewed videos on YouTube are?

Just a few months ago, the worldwide sensation ‘Gangnam Style’ by Korean pop star Psy was the most viewed video on YouTube of all time. And to be honest, I still thought it was the most viewed video on YouTube! Turns out this is not the truth…

Wiz Khalifa’s tribute song ‘See You Again’ was the popular hit dedicated to the memory of Paul Walker, the famous actor from the Fast And Furious movie series. The single topped charts worldwide, and it was easy to see that this song was a major hit- however I definitely didn’t see this one coming as the dark horse to take over ‘Gangnam Style’… 3,016+ billion views says otherwise.

But this was short lived, and only a few days ago, another viral hit topped the charts in record breaking time. ‘Despactio’, the Spanish sensation, has overthrown ‘See You Again’ to become the most viewed video of YouTube in all time. And it did this in record speed! The single only took 154 days to reach the milestone amount of views, which happens to be 3,132+ billion views and counting. In comparing to how long it took ‘See You Again’ to hit number one (853 days), it certainly has earned its spot as the greatest online sensation.

When you think about the royalties, advertising and companies behind these big videos, one can only imagine the amount of money they take in due to a simple click of the play button. Hats off to these guys though, they have definitely created hit sensations that stop the world and get everybody talking.

And, if you’re after a little extra bite of info, below are the top 10 most viewed videos on YouTube:

  1. Despacito –3,132+ billion views

Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee

2. See You Again – 3,016+ billion views

Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth

3. Gangnam Style – 2,926+ billion views


4. Sorry – 2,708+ billion views

Justin Bieber

5. Uptown Funk – 2,600+ billion views

Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars

6. Masha And The Bear: Recipe For Disaster –2,365+ billion views

Get Movies (only non-music video to feature in the top 10)

7. Shake It Off – 2,312+ billion views

Taylor Swift

8. Bailando – 2,294+ billion views

Enrique Iglesias

9. Sugar – 2,232+ billion views

Maroon 5

10. Roar – 2,198+ billion views

Katy Perry