Jungle pods, zip-lining waiters, a floating cinema and unrivalled bike tracks. Welcome to the incredible Soneva Resort in Koh Kood, Thailand. A place that prides itself on sustainability and creating the perfect environment, Soneva Resort is a world class example of the new age experience travellers are after. Not intrigued just yet? Let me drop a few photos below to set your imagination running wild with the endless experiential possibilities on offer.

Inspiring a lifetime of rare experiences.

Yep, doesn’t look too bad, does it? The Soneva team have worked hard to create one of the world’s best experiential-based resorts in the heart of Thailand. Apart from obviously looking beautiful, the resort has been constructed from sustainable materials and was planned and constructed alongside key engineering and environmental groups to ensure the resort continues to maintain the natural beauty of its location. Local communities were employed to help create the Soneva, and one of their biggest winning cards is that their entire experience is 100% carbon neutral.

Soneva believes strongly in giving back and supporting local community projects- a movement which the modern day traveller often looks for as an added bonus or incentive to book their holiday. Knowing your getaway is also contributing to the welfare and care of locals is often something that travellers tell their friends about too. Across multiple resort locations, the Soneva team have given and continue to provide 230,000 people in Darfur and Myanmar with fuel-efficient stoves that reduce deforestation and deadly indoor air pollution, teach Maldivian children to swim safely in the ocean while simultaneously providing environmental education, filter, mineralise and bottle their own drinking water and use the proceeds to provide 750,000 people around the world with clean and safe water, upcycle and reject the import and need of single use plastic, and manage the Soneva foundation which gives back to local communities. And that’s just the beginning, there’s so many more amazing things that the resort does to contribute back to the land they work on, with all information and statistics living under the ‘Purpose’ tab on their website.

Experience is what Soneva was built upon and continues to thrive on today. Guests are the centre of attention and are encouraged to experience everything on offer, including:

  • A floating cinema with old school and modern flicks (which you can privately hire if you’re feeling extra fancy)
  • The mushroom cave dining experience, where you can sit inside a natural green cave and enjoy a degustation course
  • The Den. A perfectly designed, beautiful and fun kids lounge complete with jungle vines and babysitters (yep, that fancy hero image is The Den!)
  • Tree pods which greet diners at ground level before they are hoisted into the air, where the wait staff deliver your food via zip line
  • Incredible bike trails built across the water to immerse the rider over the ocean
  • An observatory complete with telescopes and moving roof
  • Guests are given houses instead of rooms, complete with personalised golf cart, outdoor showers, hidden televisions, private pools and spas, a massage room and outdoor dining area
  • Thai cooking classes with private chef
  • Private spa which caters to all six senses
  • Activities including water sports, guided diving and snorkelling, boat rides, butterfly tours and local bush walks

Experiential offerings are what’s driving the new-age traveller to booking their new trip. So if you’re missing out on including your guests in fantastic, unique and one off experiences, you might want to reconsider.

Disclaimer: if you’re on a student income or living your best millennial life and ordering extra avocado as a side, this probably isn’t the right holiday destination for you. One night’s stay banks in at around $2000. So if you don’t mind paying a little extra for a premium experience, then book those flights and enjoy to your heart’s content.