Whether you work in a tight-knit small agency or are a multi-national firm, one thing is the same across all workforces: you want your employees to be the best.

To challenge your workforce or bring your colleagues together, it’s important to pick the right team-bonding and building exercises to suit your personalities and industry. Here’s my list of top 5 team building or breaking (literally) exercises to get blood pumping and brains ticking. I’m proud to report that there will be no spaghetti towers, blind folds or whiteboards in the making of this blog piece.

1. The Break Room, Melbourne

Hell hath no fury like that one, pesky client. Behold the Break Room, your new source of fun and anger management. Rock up to the room, arm yourself with a supplied baseball bat of choice and enter into your wildest dreams. Surrounded by brick walls, glass, crockery and other smash-able items, The Break Room gives you that rare opportunity to take out your real frustrations on inanimate objects. And hey, there’s Bluetooth speakers too, so feel free to belt out an angry tune whilst smashing some stuff. Whilst you can organise group bookings, only one person can be in The Break Room at a time, but still, nevertheless, a rare activity to organise and bond over with no clean ups required.

2. Bespoke Gin Experience, Archie Rose Distilling Co. Sydney

Like all good things in life, gin, vodka and whiskey are a great friend to have when bonding and creating conversation in the workplace. Archie Rose Distilling Co., Sydney offers a rare behind the scenes experience of how your favourite spirits and mixers are made to perfection. There’s so many things to do here; whether you organise a personal tour of the brewery, a gin making class or bespoke whiskey tasting experience, your team is sure to have fun and loosen up the ties to create some great memories. Plus, you can have your very own self-created gin delivered to your office door 2 weeks after the booking!

3. Escape Room

This one’s becoming very popular but it’s obvious to see why. Escape rooms offer your classic ‘team bonding’ setting, where a group of people are stuck in a themed room. Your only way out? To find hidden clues and hints around the room using your collaborative approach to free yourself from its confines. These rooms come in all shapes, sizes and themes, with some ranging from Sherlock Holmes to Murder Mysteries. Escape Rooms can pretty much be found in any major city, so get booking and use your problem solving skills!

4. Collaborative VR

Okay, think escape rooms. Now think Virtual Reality tag teaming. Collaborative VR video games are a new way of involving your team and pushing problem-solving skills. Teams of players are tasked with missions or goals- whether it be capture the flag, discover an unknown land or escape from enemies. You need to work together as a unit to beat the game and success at your tasks. This is a trippy and ultra-new way to get your team thinking on their toes.

5. Adult Finger Painting

Bear with me here, I know this may sound a little whacky but this activity is fun, personal, low-key and creative. Mixed with good beats, great drinks and an art master, face your messy fears whilst you dip your fingers into an array of colours to get your childhood frame of mind back on. Finger paint a scene, person or image surrounded by your colleagues all having a laugh. This fun activity can be run by almost any art class around your city and offers a unique experience of bonding your workmates together. Plus, make it extra competitive by offering the best finger painted piece to be hung in your office!