Thong Ma and Poom Puang are now free!

They were imprisoned and kept in slave-labour for years.

They never did anything wrong to deserve such a cruel fate, but became friends in captivity.

Now they’re free and unchained.

When you learn of an innocent someone who has been jailed for years, you can sense the wrong, deep inside you. Their lifetime has been stolen from them.

Setting them free seems to rebalance the world, momentarily, where right prevails over wrong.

It happens to humans, and it happens to our mammal cousins, elephants.

Asian elephants who’ve been forced into slavery in Thailand never learn life skills in captivity.

Unless they’re bought out from their slavery, they face a dire remainder of their sad lives.

Yakkazoo decided to do something about it, and in supporting the Thai Elephant Refuge and helping to buy the freedom of Thong Ma and Poom Puang, our new, liberated friends can enjoy the remainder of their lives. A wrong can be righted.

Large pieces of dedicated grassed lands with rainforests allow rescued elephants to roam free, with lakes, grazing forests and importantly, no chains on them.

They can graze peacefully, absent from pain, and able to socialise with other elephants.

Empathy should lead to action. As Creative Counsel, we understand that.
More than words and pictures, outcomes are why we create.

For Thong Ma and Poom Puang, time was running out. After years of mistreatment, punishments, brutal logging and carrying loads, they are free, and can enjoy a happy retirement in the natural world, where they belong.