Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day, an important calendar event that puts the focus on ladies around the world. Whether it’s recognising career achievements of strong female CEOs, encouraging our young girls to dream big, or highlighting the incredible international women who lead the way in voicing important causes, today is a day where we acknowledge and honour the awesome women in our lives.

An all-round champion team of females work, experiment, create and play at Yakkazoo HQ. We’re proud to have six bad ass women leading the forefront of our business, who as individuals are passionate and extremely intelligent, but as a team act as a creative strong-suit to present and create the best work imaginable.

Not to mention our spectacular CoLab females who are some of the world’s best talents, including international choreographers, stage callers, design directors and creative powerhouses, like Rhoda Roberts AO and Nicola Penn.

We’re proud to say that Yakkazoo is championing females in the creative industry. We’re proud of all of our achievements as a company, and know that many of our key milestones would not be possible without these women.

Donna Lloyd
Liberty Carter
Lisa Taylor
Rhoda Roberts AO
Manuela Strano
Nicola Penn

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is #Balanceforbetter. We’re aiming to create a world where women have equal opportunities and live in a gender-balanced world, whether that’s in business, politics, rights or sports. We can all do our part in helping to create a place of balance where all women feel welcomed, empowered and strong.

At Yakkazoo, 75% of our workforce is female, and we’re proud to show that statistic off! It’s just one of the things about our business that makes us awesome. We believe in creating a CoLab environment that encourages and fosters women’s collaboration.

So today, we’re celebrating our Yakkazoo chicks who happen to be some of the best in the biz. A massive thank you and acknowledgement goes to these ladies, and we can’t wait to see where we are a year from now, knowing we’ve got some kickass females leading the way.